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We're a two piece, often four piece, alternative indie rock band. We like a ton of music and we aim to incorporate different elements and bend genres. In setting out to do this, we pull from our collective influences to nuance each track with layers and depth. We're pretty sardonic, but it's pretty authentic. When we play out, Greg plays guitar and Kevin plays bass.

Mike Ventimiglia


Meek, morose and mannered. These are all words Mike would like because he is an Englih major. Mike writes most of these songs before he shows them to Bob, in which Bob says, "It's good," and then they record it.

Bob Wulff


Bob and Mike have been playing music together since they met in 2007. Aside from drums, Bob also creates all of the bands visuals. This band is lucky to have a person like Bob. Bob is great. All hail Bob.

Kevin Burke

Live Bass

Kevin is the youngest member of the group with a grown up sense of sarcasm. However, he doesn't like Sienfeld. What a fucking sociopath. Kevin's currently attending Uarts.

Greg Anderson

Live Guitar

Greg is... interesting. He's the quiet one. We don't know much about Greg, except that he has like 9 cats and is allergic to all of them.




Everything here is free, because this is the internet and we'd rather you get it straight from the source.

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  • Albatross
  • Foxdie
  • Lionshare
  • Wolf Ring
  • Bear Tooth

Thick Skin EP

  • Vere
  • Savages
  • Pagliacci
  • Cobblepot
  • Vere Acoustic
  • Tall Tales

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Sometimes, we host work from our friends and supporters. Check back often to see what new tunes we've got.




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